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Relationship Help

Relationship Advice: Have you ever gone out with another couple who seems to have the perfect relationship? You can't help but envy them. What do they know about having a great relationship that you don't?

Occasionally these couples can tell you what they do and how they do it. But most of the time they can't put into words what makes their relationship so great. If you had the time to watch and analyze how their relationship works, you will find that there are three key elements to having a fabulous relationship. And if you learn what the keys are, and know how to apply them, you can turn your relationship into the great, fulfilling partnership you've always desired. 

These 3 skills may take time and effort to develop.

With the right therapist you can learn the specific skills needed to develop the relationship you have always desired. The rewards of waking up to your life-mate and feeling excited about it are worth it!

Advice Tip #1: They know how to talk to each other effectively 

Successful couples know how to communicate effectively. Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to talk to your mate?

And even more importantly is learning how to listen. As a psychotherapist for 18+ years I have watched beautiful relationships go down the drain because neither person had good communication skills. Good communication skills require knowing how to get your message across in an effective and non-threatening manner. 

Advice Tip #2: Great Couples Fight Fair

Yes, successful couples do they fight! It is completely normal to have disagreements, to argue, to be angry at your mate.

The difference between the successful couples and the failed relationships is the former know how to fight with fairness and respect. Unhappy couples fight "to be right" or out of a need for revenge. 

Advice Tip #3: Successful Couples Have Balance 

Look at the people in your life who tell you they are satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships. You will see that they have a balance between spending time with their spouse and spending time at activities without them.

Learning how to be happy in your relationship without feeling overwhelmed by your partner or disconnected from them is an essential skill you need to acquire in order to have the best relationship that will stand the test of time.

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