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Depression Help

Are you wondering if you have signs of depression? Some symptoms are fairly apparent such as sad mood, crying spells or even thoughts of wanting to killl yourself. But there are many signs that most people wouldn't associate with a major depression.

Here are a few characteristics you might want to look for: 

1. You find yourself acting out in anger, lose patience over little things or feel frustrated more often than you have in the past.

Some people, find they no longer have the patience they used to have. They may find themselves yelling at their kids, shouting profanities at a driver who cut them off, or feel small problems set off an angry tirade at their spouse.


If you have little patience for everyone and everything, become frustrated at the drop of a hat and know this is not your usual emotional disposition, You may be suffering from significant melancholy.

2. You find you are isolating yourself and withdrawing from family and friends.

You may need a professional to sort it out. Many feel that putting on a "happy face" is just too much work and makes them tired just thinking about it. This type of behavior is often a clue that you may need professional help to sort it out. 

3) Men and women often display symptoms in different ways.

When assessing for depressive symptoms, I sometimes find that men turn their despair outward and act out in angry ways such as getting into physical fights or road rage. Women tend to turn their depression inward, isolating themselves from others, developing obsessive and negative thoughts that play like a tape constantly running in their head. 

If you can see yourself acting or feeling similar to what I am suggesting you are probably suffering from some form of depression. Whether it is mild or more severe, a good counselor can help you decrease these symptoms and return to the happier you, you remember.

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