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Divorce Groups Chicago

Divorce Groups Chicago - Divorce - Able 2 Relate - inf6Divorce group activities  are a great way to start rebuilding your life after a difficult or painful divorce. During the course of a divorce, you might feel lonely and disconnected from friends and family members who
are still married and don't quite understand how you are feeling.  
Joining a support group with others going through the same process makes you feel connected, and understood

Divorce Support Group - Edwardsville

Contact Name:  Kris Grawitch Fulkerson

Email Address:


Groups available for adults and children following a divorce, as well as a group for single parents.  The adult group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings, while the kids group meets every other Saturday.  Groups are on-going and most insurance is accepted.

I Flourish Divorce Group - Chicago Area

Contact Email: or

Divorce group in Chicago offering support and guidance.

Divorce Support

5020 West School Street Chicago, IL 60641

Phone:  (773)286-4541

Support and assistance for members and an information network as well.

Divorce Survival Group - Oak Brook

Contact Name:  Karyn Mehringer, MA LCPC

Email Address:

Phone: (708) 323-6040

This weekly divorce survival group is an open, on-going support group for people dealing with issues surrounding divorce.  The group offers legal and emotional support during this tumultuous time by providing an opportunity for individuals in similar circumstances to discuss and share interrelated experiences while supporting each other with the challenges that come with divorce.  Persons at any stage of the separation or divorce process are welcome  Sessions are set depending on the schedule of those interested.

General Divorce Information

American Divorce Association of Men(ADAM)

1519 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: (708) 364-1555

Parents Without Partners

401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 220, Chicago, IL 60611


Support Groups for single parents with local chapters around the country.

Custody Visitation Schedules

Deciding on what custody visitation schedules are in the best interest of the child is often the most difficult task when facing a divorce. The two most important issues to consider are: 1) Will this custody arrangement provide continuity of care...

Divorce and Drug Addicted

Divorce and drug addicted spouse: Many partners struggle with the issue of divorce when their spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is often a painstaking and difficult decision to make. Deciding whether to stay in an unhealthy and unhappy...

Divorce and Affair

Divorce and affair: If you are deciding whether to divorce your spouse because he or she had an extramarital affair you are not alone. One of the major causes of divorce is that an affair occurred. Affairs within a marriage are devastating and can...

Children and Divorce

Most parents worry endlessly about how divorce will affect their children. I have seen many parents stay in their unhappy marriages for this reason alone. Questions such: “as how will my divorce affect my children?” and “how will...

Divorce Group Activities

Divorce group activities are a great way to start rebuilding your life after a difficult or painful divorce. During the course of a divorce, you might feel lonely and disconnected from friends and family members who are still married and don't...

Stages of Emotions

While each person's experience may differ, the stages of emotions in divorce are similar to the stages you go through when dealing with a death or significant loss. As discussed in the book "Life After Divorce", whether you are...

Joint Custody Infant

Joint custody infant: When deliberating on joint custody of an infant, certain considerations come into play. Custody is a much different issue with the very young children. One needs to think about their age and developmental level when making this...

Divorce, kids, and the Holidays

Divorce and the holidays: Since the holidays are fast approaching and a slew of celebrity divorces (ahem, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) have bombard our newsfeeds I thought this would be a good time to talk about divorce and the holidays. Obviously how to arrange visitation is a personal decision that must be made by each divorcing couple on an individual basis...

Uncooperative Parent Custody

What do you do when there is uncooperative parent custody issues going on?  Do you fight hard or do you give up and give in to the demands of your contrarian ex? One of my clients came to me extremely upset due to the uncooperative nature of...